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Dr Giada

Del Fabbro

I've always had a desire to understand the reasons why people behave in certain ways as well as to help them to deal with difficult feelings and life experiences in a healthy way. I feel passionate about assisting you in thinking about your life and making choices that enable you to live an optimal life as well as facilitating decision-making that is fair and objective in considering the psychology of matters in the legal domain.

Forensic & Clinical Psychologist in Saxonwold

Dr Giada Del Fabbro

My Practice: The Practice on Oxford, 79 Oxford Rd, Saxonwold, Gauteng, South Africa

Expertise in Clinical Psychology:


Individual Therapy

I have a wide variety of areas that I am experienced in treating such as anxiety and depression, trauma as well as difficulties in interpersonal relationships and general functioning in key areas of daily life such as work and experience of satisfactory quality of life as a whole.

Teen Therapy

As with adult therapy, my areas of focus are mood difficulties such as anxiety and depression, trauma as well as issues relating to emotional regulation and interpersonal relationships.I incorporate modules of dialectical behaviour therapy to assist teenagers in expanding their emotional coping skills.

Teaching & Training

I am available for supervision with regards to psychotherapy as well as work in the psycho-legal domain. This involves teaching methods and approaches that I have found useful in my own work to other psychologists as well as providing a space where matters and cases can be thought about together in a constructive manner.

Medico-legal Assessments

I conduct psychological assessments for the purpose of Road Accident Fund claims as well as in matters relating to the evaluation of psychological damages related to medical negligence. These may be for plaintiff or defendant purposes and involve the use of interviews and psychometric testing.

Psycho-legal  Assessments

I conduct psychological assessments for the purposes of evaluating sexual abuse claims, as well as sentencing / correctional recommendations in criminal matters, together with criminal capacity and responsibility assessments in criminal matters. These also involve the use of interviews and psychometric testing.

Custody Evaluations

I conduct psychological assessments to assist in determining what arrangements cater to the best interests of minor children involved in custody disputes. This involves the use of interviews, psychometric testing and interactional observations to inform recommendations with regards to residence and contact/access.

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