"Trauma leaves ‘fingerprints’ on the victim.

These don’t fade when bruises do"


– Dr Ellen Taliaferro

Medico-legal Psychologist 

Medico-legal psychological assessments

Road Accident Fund claims are a manner in which victims of road accidents can receive some compensation for the damages they have suffered. Medical negligence is also a growing area for litigation in South Africa and where victims of medical negligence can receive some financial compensation for the damages they have suffered as a result.

I can assist with psychological evaluations for the purposes of assessing psychological damages in motor vehicle and pedestrian vehicle accidents. These include impairments to intellectual functioning as a result of traumatic head injuries as well as emotional difficulties that may arise as a result of being a victim of a road accident such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression.

Similarly, I am able to conduct psychological evaluations to assess the psychological damages that may result from an incident of medical negligence.

How I can work with you:

Through a combination of methods that include interviews, psychometric testing and consultation with collateral sources of information, I am able to assess the nature of the damages incurred as well as to estimate financial costs related to treatment required for such damages. I can then compile a report that details my psychological evaluation as well as recommendations and testify in court if necessary, on the basis of these findings.

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